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“Memories Are the Best Things in Life”

Last month while visiting my home state of Texas, instantly upon seeing that Texas sky and feeling the warmth of Texas Sun, non- stop memories flooded my Brain.  Surprisingly, the one memory I recalled was of how my Grandmother use to give me a daily teaspoon of “cod liver oil”, which was only one of her many health remedies.  Little did I know at the time she was providing me with an excellent source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and vitamins A&D.  Ironically, today as I take my daily supplement of Omega-3s I can hear her saying “Swallow…”

Omega-3 fatty acids are 3 of nature’s most powerful essential “fatty acids” abbreviated as EPA, DHA, and ALA.  Our bodies cannot make Omega-3s; therefore, we must get our Omega-3s from specific foods such as fatty fish, plants, and seeds.

The health benefits of Omega -3s are noteworthy.  Consider the human Brain, 60% of the brain consist of Fats, and more than 40% of those fats are Omega-3s.  Omega-3s provides brain structure and required for normal functioning of the brain.  Studies have shown when levels are low, it has been associated with smaller brain sizes, a sign of accelerated aging of the brain.  In addition, research supports Omega-3s ability to improve symptoms of both depression and anxiety.  Studies have shown when taken alongside of anti-depressant medication the overall effects of the medication are enhanced.

The overall health of the eyes is also dependent upon Omega-3s.  The retina is made up of 60% “DHA” fatty acid (one of the Omega-3s), which have been credited to possibly a vital role in the prevention of macular degenerative disease which is the major cause of blindness.

Earlier studies show Omega-3s vital role in Heart Health.  Omega-3s may help to reduces the risk of heart failure, coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest and stroke. Most recent research strongly indicate the impact Omega-3s have on reducing “Triglycerides”, increasing “(HDL)” good cholesterol, and preventing the formation of “Plaque” which decreases your chance for hardening of the arteries.  Studies also reports Omega-3s are known to have a small reduction in “blood pressure”.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are also considered to have anti-inflammatory properties which have been proven to relieve the symptoms of “Rheumatoid Arthritis”.

The most efficient source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids is food.  The Dietary Guidelines for American recommend adults should consume 8oz or more of fatty fish per week:  Salmon, Trout, Mackerel, Cod Liver Oil, Herring, and Sardines.  Other reliable sources are Flaxseeds, Walnuts, Soy beans and Brussel Sprouts.

If you do not eat much of these foods you may want to consider Omega-3 supplements that contain EPA & DHA.  Always consult with you physician before taking supplements.  Please note particularly if you are taking “Blood Thinners” Omega-3 supplements may lead to excessive bleeding. Omega-3 supplements should be in the range of 250-500 mg of combined EPA /DHA.  Caution with Cod Liver Oil in that it is high in Vitamins A and D (fat soluble vitamins can be toxic if not regulated).   Please note, Omega-3 supplements providing 3,000 mg is considered high and not necessary for most people.

Amazingly, as I look back on my Texas memories, I realize how many of them were health related which has shaped and inspired my very existence today…

“Memories truly are the Best Things in Life”!