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The magic of a cup of tea, a warm blanket and a good book works wonders for me in my efforts to relieve stress after a challenging day.  Not only does my tea taste good, it goes down even better when I think of all the health benefits it provides to my body.  Green, White, or Black so many choices to choose and so many benefits to gain. Sharing the wonderful world of TEA.

Green Tea has gotten more press than Black or White Teas, it is the most researched and enjoyed by many including myself.  All teas come from the same PLANT – Camellia sinensis, the names are given to each of the different teas based upon their actual colors which is dependent upon how and when the leaves of the plant are picked and processed, Teas are all related like (cousins).  The Camellia sinensis plant is packed full of Antioxidants/Polyphenols which provides the major health benefits of tea. Truthfully this is the reason why I drink tea, it is one of my body’s delectable defenses against Free Radicals.

A word about ANTIOXIDANTSantioxidants are found in plants, fruits and vegetable.  Phytochemical, are what give the plants, fruits, and vegetables their radiant colors manufactures antioxidants.   With football on my mind let’s compare Antioxidants to the Defensive Line, striving to protect.  Let’s compare Free Radicals to the Offensive Line striving to take over the body and score harmful effects.  Let the game began: Free Radicals are throughout our bodies causing oxidation of our cells.  Excessive numbers of free radicals have been linked to various cancers, chronic inflammation, weakened immune system and a variety of harmful diseases.  Therefore, we do not want the Free Radicals to take over and win this destructive battle within our bodies, this is one of the main reasons we encourage high intake of nature’s defenses– fruits and vegetables emphasis on the ones with color, the more color the more Antioxidants or Phytochemicals.

“White Tea”–  the tea leaves are picked before it is fully developed still covered with fine white hairs, and minimally processed, thus we get the name “White Tea”.  Due to limited processing, white tea has retained a lot of its Polyphenols or shall I say “antioxidants” more so than Green or Black teas.     Some of the possible benefits of “White Tea” are:  *reduce the risk of Heart Disease (in an analysis of five studies, scientists discovered that people who drank three cups or more of tea per day had a 21% lower risk of heart disease), those powerful defensive line backers- antioxidants at work.   White Tea may help with weight loss same as Green Tea, data supports it has compounds that may fight cancer, assist in insulin resistance, protect against osteoporosis, help combat skin aging, and may help protect against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease due to the actions of their high content of EGCG which may help fight inflammation and prevent proteins from clumping and damaging nerves.

“Green Tea”- Green Tea is processed differently from its cousin White tea when the leaves are harvested they are more mature and the color of bright green, the green leaves are then processed by drying which maintains the green color, and this is why it is referred to as Green Tea.  Out of all the teas researched, Green Tea has undergone extensive studies to ascertain its health benefits.  Green Tea also packed full of “antioxidants” however, not quite as many as White Tea.  However, do not sell Green Tea short.  The University of Maryland researchers has reported the following benefits from drinking Green Tea:  may help stop the growth of cancer cells in the breast, esophageal, prostate and stomach.  Data shows positive results in preventing atherosclerosis, high cholesterol (prevention of CVD).  Green Tea promotes thermogenesis a fat burning process (weight loss), lastly, promotes good dental health by reducing inflammation and bacteria with gum disease.  Green Tea is a gold standard and here to stay.

“Black Tea” – Black Tea leaves are mature leaves which are fermented and oxidized resulting in a rich dark color and giving way to its name “Black Tea”.  As a result of the method of processing, Black Tea does not have as many “antioxidants” as it’s cousins White or Green teas, but it is quite potent and the taste excels above them all.  Black Tea is served frequently, 80% of the world’s population are offered and consume Black Tea.   Black tea is known for its curative qualities such as may prevent breast cancer, helps cure digestive disorders, lowers LDL cholesterol levels, provides relief from asthma, and a very effective treatment for diarrhea.

So, What Colors Are “You” Steeping? I steep them all the choice is dependent upon my taste and mood.  It does not matter which you choose I recommend choosing at least one because the cousin Teas all offer astonishing evidence based health benefits in the form of Antioxidants our bodies Defense from Offensive Free Radicals.

A cup of tea, a prayer or two, thank you for this special moment shared with you…