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“It is the Sweet, Simple Things in Life which are the Preferred Ones After All”

The overall Treatment of Hypoglycemia is centered around the ingestion of Carbohydrates.  You may ask, why carbohydrates as many have challenged me in the past thinking, proteins should be able to provide relief.  As previously explained, during hypoglycemia episodes the body is running low on fuel/glucose which is derived from foods containing Carbohydrates.  Therefore, why would you not provide the substance the body is begging for which is Glucose not protein.  Adding protein to the treatment does not raise blood glucose levels and does not prevent subsequent hypoglycemia.

Nevertheless, not just “any ole” form of carbohydrate will eradicate those dreadful symptoms of hypoglycemia.  It is the Simple CHO which are required such as hard candy, fruit juice, or regular soft drink (Coke, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper).  Please also note this is not the time to indulge in Haagen Dazs Ice Cream with a few Oreo Cookies.  Don’t get me wrong, these delicious treats contain Sugar (glucose), but also FAT.  The thing with FAT, it slows the emptying and absorption of CHO out of the stomach, and therefore, takes longer to raise blood glucose levels.   As you are experiencing seizures, sweating, lightheadedness on the verge of passing out truly “you do not need anything interfering with your QUICK FIX”, you need Pure SUGAR. 

To illustrate the effect of FAT on the body let’s consider a high fat Lunch such as Mexican Food, being from Texas it is my favorite.  Consuming Fried Chips and Salsa (appetizer) with half of an Enchilada Plate loaded with fatty cheese, fried tortillas, fried Spanish rice, refried beans etc. notice the word fried/fat.  After the meal I am full for the rest of the day mainly because of the fat content of the meal, fat simply does not allow food to pass through the digestive track at a fast pace.  However, the days I have a low-fat meal i.e. broccoli, baked chicken, and steamed rice, sadly to say I am hungry within the next hour or so.

I am trying to make a serious point to say when treating episodes of hypoglycemia please avoid any food item that contain FAT at all cost.  After symptoms subsides, you may have a half sandwich or regular meal including the Enchilada Plate, but never to TREAT.  I repeat treatment for mild hypoglycemia episode defined as a blood sugar (glucose (equal to or less then) <70 dl/mg requires SIMPLE SUGAR.

Recommended Treatment Plan for Hypoglycemia Episode

Carbohydrate Sources (15 to 20 gm) for Treating Hypoglycemia
Source Quantity
Glucose tablets 3 to 4
Lifesavers candies 8-10
Brach’s hard candies 8-10
Nondiet soft drinks 4 t 6 oz.
Fruit juice 4 to 6 oz.
Peppermint candies 8 to 10
  • Eat or Drink 10 to 15 gm of Carbohydrate
  • If possible, test blood glucose level before beginning treatment. If pretreatment testing is not possible and symptoms are present, proceed with the treatment.
  • Test blood glucose level 15 to 20 minutes after initiating treatment. If the blood glucose level is still low repeat the treatment even if symptoms have disappeared.
  • If you are not scheduled to eat a meal within the next hour after glucose levels are within range, have a small snack of peanut butter crackers or cheese crackers or half a sandwich.
  • Always carry some type of Simple CHO with you, and a source at your bedside to treat nocturnal hypoglycemia.

“It really is the Sweet, Simple Things in Life which are the Preferred Ones After All”