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“Hey”, like your GENES what type are you wearing?  Genetics are a major contributor to the type of chronic diseases we will eventually acquire.  My personal GENES consist of Diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol (strokes) and both Colon and Breast Cancers.  Even though I monitor all modifiable risk factors such as making life style changes and environmental exposures, I still sadly to say, wear the GENES my ancestors passed down to me over the years.

T2 Diabetes were the GENES my mother wore for years, just like her mother wore them as my siblings, nieces and aunts are wearing the same exact size today.  I want to give you my interpretation of T2 Diabetes and before I move into more details of how to live with it and control T2 Diabetes.

True Definition of Diabetes:  Diabetes Consist of a group of metabolic disease known as hyperglycemia, resulting from defects in Insulin secretion, Insulin action or both.

Symptoms of hyperglycemia:  Polyuria (excessive urination); Polydipsia (excessive thirst); Polyphagia (excessive eating); Weight Loss, Blurred Vision, Fatigue; Headache; Muscle Cramps, Poor Wound Healing.

My Interpretation of T2 Diabetes:  Imagine for a minute that you were your automobile:  Most were designed to run off Fuel (gasoline) not water, not alcohol GASOLINE.  When the fuel gage points to E you know it’s time to put gasoline in your tank or the car will stale and STOP!   You pull into a gas station, put gasoline into the GAS TANK, start the car up and off you go. Let’s look at What happens here:  the key turns on the ignition, the “Fuel Pump” is activated and pumps the gas out of the holding tank through the Fuel Line up to the Engine and thus, the car goes.  Am I, Right?

Your BODY operates in that same exact way.  Follow me please!  The body was designed to run on a Fuel as well called (glucose) not fat, not proteins, GLUCOSE!  Glucose is the bodies gasoline (main source of energy).  Side Bar:  Have you ever thought about why Marathon Runners Carbohydrate Load?   When your glucose levels drop or when the glucometer reads as low as 70 you are on Empty.  You start to feel that hunger sensation, irritable, dizzy, “I personally get shaky and have fell out once or twice”, the body will STOP same as your car when it is out of fuel.  The first thing I would do is drink ½ cup of juice, or regular pop this equates to 15 grams of simple carbohydrates, which converts to 60mg/dl glucose release into my blood stream; circulating insulin would pump the glucose to my muscles and it would give me enough energy/fuel to regain my strength.   Listen to me clearly here, the Blood Stream holds your fuel (glucose), just as your gas tank holds gasoline for your car.  Keep following me now.

Insulin made by the pancreas acts just like the car’s fuel pump, the only way glucose in your blood stream could flow into your muscles, nerves, liver (organs= the bodies engines), is through the action of INSULIN.  INSULIN pumps the GLUCOSE through the blood stream = (fuel line) and delivers it to your muscles, liver and other organs.

WHEN YOU ARE A DIABETIC SOMETHING HAPPENES TO YOUR FUEL PUMP “INSULIN”. For various reason, Insulin becomes ineffective resulting in a buildup of GLUCOSE, a sticky sweet substance hanging around in your blood stream at levels as high as 300, 400, 450, when it is only supposed to be no higher than 140 after you eat.  At this high level known as hyperglycemia, it starts to damage your nerve cells, kidney cells, eyes, and cardiovascular system.

This is Diabetes as defined: a metabolic disease known as hyperglycemia resulting from a defect in INSULIN secretion, insulin action or both.

Stay Tune-more to follow as I continue to wear my GENES- It is a Family Affair.