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One of Life’s greatest gifts we all possess is the Right to Choose. When it comes to Diets, I like to pass on to you the advice my mother gave to me early in life: “Choose Wisely My Dear” …

Today there are so many self-help diet books on the market waiting for us to choose consisting of gimmicks, tricks, and offering quick fixes to weight loss and other health issues until even I must always hold close “Choose Wisely My Dear.”  Weight loss/diet books are a multimillion dollar industry, all promising and guaranteeing successful weight loss, but wait, why may I ask is 36.5% of the American population still obese, that is 1 out of every 3rd person living in America is obsessed per CDC health statistics.  Who holds the golden key?

As a Dietitian using Medical Nutrition Therapy I have seen successful Weight loss.  However, it was no quick fix, involving a lengthy process incorporating Life Style Changes.   I would like to equip you with a few helpful tips to choose wisely as you go on your journey to healthy eating and weight loss.

  • Choose a plan that does not eliminate any of life’s essential nutrients: Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates. These macro nutrients are required to maintain a healthy Body.
  • Proteins: Are you thinking about becoming a Vegetarian or a Vegan: how about considering a Flexitarian (flexible Vegetarian) which would allow for a limited amount of animal protein occasionally in addition to plant proteins in your meal plan. Choose meats that are uncured, lean, low in saturated fats. Fish which are high in Omega-3, poultry, and eggs.  Perpetuating your primary intake of Tofu, beans lentils peas from plant sources.
  • Carbohydrates: Choose meal plans that encourages most your meals consist of Fruits and Vegetables and Whole Grains. However, put a limit on all processed foods.   For example-Whole wheat products such as-whole wheat bread/pasta, brown rice, bran, oats, legumes, peas, potatoes.  Include all fruits and vegetables; pay close attention to choose the ones with the brightest color to reap the benefits of the natural antioxidants they provide.



  • Fats: Choose plans recommending fats from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils sources such as:   Olive, Corn, Safflower, Sunflower, Sesame Seeds, Flaxseeds, and Avocados.  Avoid fats containing trans-fatty acids.  Choose margarines that are liquid at room temperatures.  Avoid all forms of solid fats (hydrogenated) no matter what source it is derived from i.e. animal, vegetable or plant that are solid at room temperature.
  • Water: is a necessity, the body can survive without food, but requires water, stay hydrated always, choose plans that are proponents of the importance of water.
  • Calories: must be taken into consideration when considering any type of weight management plan which should be individualized and designed specifically for you.
  • Avoid plans which recommend consuming calories lower than your basal metabolic needs. In short, lower than what is required for you to simply carry out basic metabolism.
  • Exercise: look for plans which encourage various forms of anaerobic and aerobic exercise. There are many advantages to exercise my two favorites is burning my excess calories and my increased endorphins.


In summary, look for plans which point in the direction of moderation.   Make the choice which will lead you on a path you can follow every day, throughout your life.

Choose Wisely My Dear…